Returns & refunds

Learn about our different types of return points and refund options.

Receiving refunds

Our express return points are located at charity stores. You can donate directly to that charity or choose an electronic refund.

If you return at a bulk depot you’ll have the option to choose a cash refund, electronic refund or donate to an associated charity.

For all electronic refunds, you will need to create a Return-It account and link a bank account. You don’t need to create a Return-It account for cash refunds or to make on-the-spot charity donations.

Create an account

Using a return point

With the CDS there are two types of return points you can take your empty eligible containers to: express return points and bulk depots. Below you’ll find information about each including how to use them and the refund options they offer.

Placed at charity locations, express return points are a fast and convenient option for returning less than 500 containers at a time.

Express point refund options:
  • Donate your refund to the express return point charity
  • Receive an electronic refund
How to return at an express return point:
  1. Before coming to the return point, place your eligible containers into durable slightly see-through bags, like the regular kitchen tidy bags you can buy from the shops.
  2. At the express return point, use the touchscreen and login with your Return-It account.
  3. Choose your refund preference (electronic refund or charity donation).
  4. The machine will print out barcoded label(s) - stick these on your bags.
  5. Hand your bags to the store attendant.
  6. Within a few business days your containers your refund will be issued.
  7. If you have any issues or concerns with a refund send us an email at

Bulk depots accept larger quantities of containers and offer refunds as cash, electronic refund, or you can donate to one of several charities associated with the return point.

Refund options:
  • Cash refund
  • Electronic refund
  • Donate to charity (a number of charity options will be available).
How to return at a bulk depot:
  1. Take your eligible containers to the bulk depot.
  2. Sort your containers by type into separate trays.
  3. Take the trays directly to the depot staff member.
  4. Your containers will be counted while you wait.
  5. If you choose a cash refund it will be provided on the spot. Electronic refunds will be issued to your account in a few business day.

Eligible bags

Express return point bags

To return containers at an Express return point, you will need to carry your containers in a durable, slightly see-through plastic bag that is securely tied and will not break or fall apart. Your containers need to remain in the labelled bag with your personal barcode in order for the depot to do the container count and provide your electronic refund.

If you prefer to avoid plastic bags you can take containers directly to the depots at Mitchell and Fyshwick where they can be processed on the spot. You can also receive the refund in cash at Mitchell and Fyshwick.

Return-It will recycle ALL bags that come in through the scheme.

The white bin liners you can buy at any grocery store are fine, staff just need to be able to see what’s in them.

Both types of bags you can see in this photo are fine to use.

Check which containers are eligible

Eligible containers are ones that are commonly found in the litter stream, including most glass, PET, HDPE, aluminium, steel or liquid paperboard (cartons) between 150mL and 3L in size. All containers that can be recognised as an eligible container will be accepted.

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